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UAE Residents now can get Japan E Visa

If you live in the UAE and Japan has long been on your trip wish list, getting a visa has never been simpler. You can now apply for an eVisa, which gives you up to 90 days to travel around the nation.

Japan E visa for UAE Residents

All foreign nationals who reside in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will now be able to apply for a short-term tourist visa online through the nation’s official eVisa platform through, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Japan E visa for UAE Residents

For UAE citizens, the Japan eVisa platform has also opened a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week Japan Visa Information hotline at 971-800-032-1271. Make sure you have a current passport, Emirates ID, and UAE residency visa before applying for the eVisa.

Who may obtain a Japan eVisa?

All foreign nationals or people who do not fall under the visa exemption provisions put in place by the government of Japan and live in the following nations or regions are eligible to apply for a visa online, claims the Japan eVisa website.

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