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The full procedure for transferring an eSIM from one phone to another.

Contemporary iPhone Buying has increased in popularity. The new iPhone model is frequently purchased as soon as it is released by several people at the same time. Sarah discussing new model data transfer for iPhone users Let’s get going. fewer eSIM The transfer number appears. It appears to be a challenging process to transfer a sim to another phone. However, this is untrue because you may quickly transfer the E-SIM by following a few simple procedures.

The iPhone mostly uses e SIM. You must have an internet connection in order to transfer E SIM from one iPhone to another. Aside from that, iOS 16 or later should be updated on both the old and new iPhones. If you’ve put in so much effort, you can transfer the e-sim by following the detailed instructions.

  1. How to transfer eSIM manually

    1. Go to ‘Settings’ of iPhone and tap on ‘Mobile Data’.
    2. Now choose the option of ‘Set up Mobile Service’.
    3. Here you will see all the mobile numbers (both E SIM and SIM card) that you use in the old iPhone.
    4. If your telecom operator company does not support automatic E SIM transfer, then ‘Transfer Not Supported’ will be seen written below the number.
    5. In such a situation, you will have to talk to the telecom company and send some messages.
    6. Reliance JioDownload My Jio app and verify email ID. Write GETESIM and send it to 199.
    7. AirtelSMS eSIM to 121.
    8. Vodafone IdeaSend message by typing eSIM to 199.
    9. After sending the message, you will get a confirmation email that the e-SIM transfer is in processing.

Process to automatically transfer eSIM

There are two more ways to transfer eSIM. One of these is to transfer from the nearest iPhone while the other is the option to scan with the QR code.

  1. Go to iPhone’s ‘Settings’ and select ‘Mobile Data’. Go to ‘Set up Mobile Service’.
  2. Tap on ‘Other Options’. Now you will see two options – Transfer from nearby iPhone and QR code.
  3. On selecting the ‘Transfer from nearby iPhone’ option, a notification will appear on the old iPhone.
  4. Tap Continue and enter the verification code that you received on your new iPhone.
  5. After this process is completed, your E-SIM will be transferred.

Process of QR Code

  1. On selecting the QR code option, talk to the telecom company and demand the QR code.
  2. Scan the code with the Camera app. Tap on it as soon as the Cellular Plan Detected notification appears.
  3. Continuing the process add data plan.

Now your e sim will be transferred. Keep in mind that e-SIM transfer will be done in only one way. It will depend on the telecom operator which method it supports.

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