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Saudi Arabia tests self driving electric cars

Saudi Arabia tests self driving electric cars

Self-driving electric cars are a step closer to coming to Saudi roads after the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services launched a trial of the revolutionary vehicles.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Logistic Services Rumaih Al-Rumaih helped the experiment get underway, reported the Saudi Press Agency, as part of the government’s efforts to support and develop progressive transportation systems in the Kingdom.

This initiative is intended to limit the rate of transport accidents and deaths as well as enhance mobility between and within cities.

In addition, it adds to the Kingdom’s sustainability by reducing the harm that sectors impose on the environment, noted Al-Rumaih.

Saudi Arabia’s giga-project NEOM will heavily rely on the development of the self-driving electric car being tested by the ministry as the innovation hub plans to create a sustainable, safe and seamlessly connected mobility ecosystem, while aiming for zero carbon emissions and 100 percent renewable energy.

The ministry’s experimentation falls in line with the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy, which aims to position the Kingdom among the most advanced countries in terms of road quality and safety.

Efforts include initiatives designed to reduce the number of road-traffic accidents, implement the best global practices, achieve efficient connectivity, and develop public transport in Saudi cities.

As for the NTLS’s environmental goals, they include enhanced sustainability, a reduction in fuel consumption by 25 percent, and the provision of smart solutions to transport challenges through the adoption of cutting-edge and innovative global technologies.

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