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Najam Sethi keen to make PSL a separate entity

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee, Najam Sethi has revealed his plans to make the Pakistan Super League (PSL) a separate entity.

In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Sethi stressed the importance of establishing a separate management for the PSL, as it has now become a major brand in world cricket with extensive responsibilities.

“The Pakistan Super League (PSL), should be a separate company from the PCB with the board holding the majority of the shares, but the private sector should also be included to strengthen it,” he said

The 74-year-old also acknowledged that this proposal had been met with skepticism in the past, with people suggesting that he wanted to create a separate company to ensure his own interests.

“In the past, when I presented this suggestion, people said that because I am the chairman of the PSL, I want to create a separate company to ensure my own interests, although this was not true,” he said.

“Now that I am the head of the PCB management committee, my position remains the same that the PSL should be a separate company, with its own secretariat, chairman, and board of governors,” he concluded.

In November 2016, the PCB approved an overhaul of the PSL, which included a proposal by then-PSL chairman Najam Sethi to establish the league as a separate entity with its own governing board. The plan involved registering the PSL as a private limited company, completely independent of the PCB.

Despite concerns expressed by then-PCB chairman Shahryar Khan regarding the separation of the PSL from the PCB, the governing board unanimously approved the proposal.

However, the implementation of the idea faced several delays and did not materialize as planned.

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