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Mouth Cancer: these 3 reasons can cause mouth cancer

The month of April is also celebrated as Mouth Cancer Awareness Month. Through this campaign, people are told that they should be aware of oral cancer so that they can avoid this serious disease by taking care of some things. In most cases, oral cancer occurs in men. Most of the men in India are addicted to cigarette or gutkha and due to this it is the most common cancer among men in the country. According to the reports, about 1 lakh mouth cancer cases are reported every year in the country.

There is a belief among the people that mouth cancer is caused only by consuming intoxicants whereas it is not so. This can also happen due to obesity or infection. Learn some reasons for oral cancer…

obesity or overweight

When and why cancer occurs is a big question. When more cells are formed in our body, it becomes uncontrolled. Experts say that those who have more weight, their efforts grow faster. Due to this the risk of all types of cancer increases. Start following a healthy routine to prevent the formation of different types of hormones.

lack of nutrients

Due to weight loss or eating outside food, people become deficient in nutrients in the body. This type of mistake gives rise to serious diseases, one of which is mouth cancer. It is good to be healthy, but keeping distance from nutrients under the guise of it is also wrong. This deficiency can be overcome by healthy diet and good routine.


In the changing world people take care of themselves in latest ways. Especially in cities, such methods are being adopted, whose advantages are less and disadvantages are more. One of these is mouthwash. It contains chemical and alcohol which increases the risk of mouth cancer. Spray mouthwashes do the most harm.

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