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Imran Khan in awe of Babar Azam’s boundless potential

Imran Khan, a legendary cricketer and former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, spoke highly of Babar Azam, the current captain, describing him as an “outstanding batsman”.

While speaking on a local TV channel, Khan stated that he hadn’t seen a batsman of Babar’s caliber in a long time, and went on to express his admiration for the star batter’s skills.

Khan also lauded Babar’s potential, stating that he has the ability to surpass his contemporaries.

“Our captain [Babar Azam] is an outstanding batsman. I have seen a batsman of such quality after a very long time. I have analysed him in every way, because I analyse batsman through a bowler’s lens. His technique, talent and temperament are all brilliant. It is very rare to find all three of these things in one batsman, but he has them all. He has the potential to go ahead of everyone,” Imran Khan said.


Last year in November, Imran Khan revealed that he asked then Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Ehsan Mani, to appoint him the national team’s captain. Babar replaced Sarfaraz Ahmed as captain in October 2019.

“Our cricket was going through a bad time when I was the Prime Minister,” Imran said while speaking to Piers Morgan in his ‘TalkTV’ show.

“I only watched him [Babar] play twice and immediately asked the head of the cricket board, you must make him the captain because he is genuinely world-class. He is exceptional and I haven’t seen a player with such versatility and correct technique, such stroke play and temperament; he could go anywhere from here. Babar as the captain makes a lot of sense because you want your captain to be world-class so that he commands respect,” he added.

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