Her sister Asfi is no less than Urfi Javed in glamor, new pics arrived - Ht

Her sister Asfi is no less than Urfi Javed in glamor, new pics arrived

Urfi Javed Sister Asfi Javed: Today Urfi Javed Always remains a part of social media trends. Her dressing sense is such that whenever a new photo or video of her comes out, it goes viral. Due to the off-color clothes, they often have to be trolled. However, beyond all this, she continues to follow her fashion.

However, you all know Urfi, but do you know about her sister? Urfi has two sisters, Dolly and Asfi. But today we are talking about Asfi. Asfi is no less than her sister in glamour. She is also often dominated by her looks.

Asfi is a blogger and remains very active on social media. More than 1 lakh 86 thousand people follow him on Instagram. Asfi sometimes keeps updating on social media by sharing some photos and sometimes some videos. People like his post a lot.

Asfi recently shared a video, in which she is seen in a black dress. It can be seen that his style looks very attractive. While grooming her hair, she is flaunting a very beautiful look.

Earlier, she had posted a photo in a white short dress, which went viral as soon as it surfaced. It can be seen that she is giving more than one killer pose in this dress.

Beats Urfi in beauty

Asfi has also shared photos with her elder sister Urfi on Instagram. In this photo both the sisters can be seen together. While Urfi is seen in a bold dress, Asfi is also looking stunning in a short dress. Seeing both of them in this picture, it can be said that Asfi is no less than Urfi. She gives a direct competition to them in beauty.

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