Even in the summer heat, feeling cold is a sign of renal illness. - Ht

Even in the summer heat, feeling cold is a sign of renal illness.

If you feel cold even in the summer season

renal diseases: The temperature is high right now. However, even now, if you feel cold once or twice a day, be cautious. These renal conditions can be a symptom. According to doctors, a fever that is also accompanied by slight chills is an indication of kidney failure. A doctor should be consulted right away in this situation. Do not put off addressing this.

Dr. Vaibhav Kumar Tiwari is a nephrologist. According to reports, renal illness cases are rising in the modern day. Growing in prevalence is the issue of rising protein and creatinine levels in the kidney. This issue affects people at a young age. In many instances, patients’ kidneys also fail. Knowing the signs of renal failure is essential for preventing this scenario.

According to Dr. Tiwari, renal illness is simple to recognise. The most typical indications of this condition are changes in urine pattern. Kidney disease is present if there is a change in the colour of the urine, difficulty urinating, or a lot of urine foam. You ought to seek medical attention right away in this circumstance. It’s important to take these issues seriously. Delay can cause renal disease to become serious, increasing the chance of kidney failure in the future.

If you feel cold even in the summer season

Additionally risky is a rise in blood urea levels.

Dr. Vaibhav shows how dangerous it is for the body when urea levels rise. This indicates that the kidney’s toxic level is rising. As a result, the kidney cannot operate as it should. In severe cases, even dialysis may be necessary. Many patients also have creatine levels that are higher than five. The patient might also need to go on dialysis in such a case. The fact that cases of rising urea are now becoming more prevalent at a young age is concerning.

If you feel cold even in the summer season

Take medication as directed by a doctor.

According to Dr. Kumar, many people who have kidney illness also take medications on their own, which is not recommended. The body may suffer significant harm from this medication. People over 50 in particular need to take extra care of this.

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