Elon Musk explained: Will Twitter be paid? -

Elon Musk explained: Will Twitter be paid?

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that business people and people on Twitter may have to pay a “small” wage to live on the social media platform. The statement came after Musk’s 44 billion acquisition bid, Twitter’s management did not accept.

However, Musk announced that the social media giant will always be free for “ordinary users”. Musk, 50, has previously said that he wants to “make Twitter better than ever by enhancing it with new features.

Arguing that Twitter’s moderation policies pose a threat to freedom of expression, Musk announced that she wants to make improvements that will help increase the appeal of the platform, which she describes as a “niche” platform.


Stating that it will offer new features, Musk suggested that it will be selected in the new premium shopping, Twitter Blue, including the price. Twitter has announced that the paid extra service needs homes like “undo tweet” supports, bookmarks and reader module.

Musk also said that he wants to remove spambots from the platform and verify the identity of all real people. Also, attending the annual Met Gala in New York last Monday, Musk added that he would make Twitter transparent about how tweets were raised or downvoted, adding that he wanted its software to be open to public scrutiny.


Meanwhile, the world’s richest person has reportedly told potential investors that he could return the social media firm to the stock market in a few years.


According to the Wall Street Journal cited by people familiar with the matter, Musk plans to sell his Twitter shares again after three years. The acquisition of the company is expected to be completed later this year, subject to conditions including approval from Twitter shareholders and regulators.

Under the deal, she will buy all currently listed shares of the company and move it from a public company to a private company.

On the other hand, next week Musk opened up to speculation that Tesla Da will be around $8.5, which will be used to buy the next Twitter’s route.

Shares of the electric car company have lost more than 20 percent of their value last month amid concerns that Musk will sell a portion of her stake in the company to fund the deal.

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