Alia Bhatt shared daughter and husband Ranbir’s picture, immediately deleted it - Ht

Alia Bhatt shared daughter and husband Ranbir’s picture, immediately deleted it

Alia Bhatt is a movie star. She is currently experiencing the happiest times of her life. Ranbir Kapoor this year Alia Bhatt They now have a daughter, and since becoming parents, they are frequently seen talking about her. Although Alia and Ranbir haven’t yet given fans a glimpse of their daughter Raha.

Everyone is aware of Alia Bhatt’s high Instagram activity. Ranbir Kapoor, her husband and fellow actor, is not on any social media platforms. This means that it is not on a website like Instagram. Everyone in this predicament holds out hope that one day Aaliya will reveal Raha’s photo to the world’s population.

Alia Bhatt shared a picture last night. Ranbir Kapoor is seen with his daughter Raha in the picture. Raha is on the baby stroller and Ranbir seems to be loving her. However, there is no glimpse of Raha in the picture as it was clicked by Alia herself from behind. While sharing the pictures, Alia wrote, “I think I have become the best photographer since 6th November.”

first shared then deleted then uploaded

The picture you are seeing was earlier shared by Alia Bhatt on Instagram. However, then for some reason he immediately removed the picture. Despite deleting, this picture of Raha and Ranbir went viral through the fan page. Many fan pages shared the picture. After this, Alia also shared the picture again.

What did Alia Bhatt’s followers say?

When Alia Bhatt shared the picture again, many users commented. “Legends know you just shared this pic,” commented an Insta account called BowlixEdits. A fan page of Alia Ranbir commented that tell me how, I posted this picture before you.

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